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Arrival of iPhone 13

The latest news that the “ iPhone 13 ” officially exists with “ Apple ” having registered “Seven New Phone Models” with the EEC database. The new hand sets are expected to have an even bigger camera Bump than their predecessors and bring the fast. “Apple” is also said to be looking at two color finishes.

iPhone 13 lineup

“ iPhone 13 ” still seems the most likely branding but “ Apple’s ” own engineers have reportedly been referring to the device internally as the “ iPhone 12s ”. The biggest, heaviest and most powerful and most feature rich “ iPhone ” Apple has made so far. The “ iPhone 13 ” remains several months away from becoming a reality, but there’s still a steady drum beat of rumors about what “ Apple ” has planned for this year’s models.  From everything we have heard so for, the “ iPhone 13 ” is set to offer a 120Hz LTPO display on both pro models, improved battery life thank to a more efficient 5G modem ant substantial upgrades to the all important cameras.  That includes the possibility a “ LIDAR ” sensor on cheer “ iPhone 13 ” and “ iPhone 13 mini ”.

Apple iPhone 13 Trailer

Despite the “ Corona Virus ” related delays that faces the “ iPhone 12 ”, pushing its launch to October 18 and the “ iPhone 13 ” should return to a normal release schedule in 2021. If we had to predict when the “ iPhone 13 ” will be released at this point , we had guess “ Apple ” will hold an event on sept: 14 with the phone hitting store 10 days later that just a guess.

Manufacturing iPhones

Specifications of iPhone 13 against iPhone 12

iPhone 13 pro max vs 12 pro max

For the “ iPhone 13 ”, we expected to be four models. “ iPhone 13 Mini ”, “ iPhone 13 ”, “ iPhone 13 Pro ” and “ iPhone 13 Pro Max ”. Considering the poor sale of “ iPhone 12 mini ” it wouldn’t surprise us to see apple cancel it’s plans for the “ iPhone 13 mini ” As far as price current rumors suggest that the “ iPhone 13 ” will be an iterative upgrade to the “ iPhone 12 ”.

For the “ iPhone 12 ” series, “ Apple ” introduced “ OLED ” displays for all four models. “ OLED ” offers punchier  colors and it was certainly a welcome upgrade. The “ iPhone 12 ” screens lack a high refresh rate and “ Always on Display ” (AOD). But rumors suggest that the “ iPhone 13 ” will finally gets its own always on display. The leaked renders and dummy units indicate that the notch will shrink across all four “ iPhone 13 ” models. For the “ iPhone 13 series ” we expect an even smaller but still present notch and a very similar flat design like on the 12. In late march there was a leak allegedly showing “ iPhone 13 ” glass panels revealed that the “ iPhone 13 ” notch is indeed potentially going to be notably smaller, at least in width.

iPhone 13 small notch

Currently the “ iPhone 12 pro max ” and “ iPhone 12 pro ” use three lenses a wide angle 12mp F/1.6 an ultra-wide 12 MP F/2.4 and a 12 MP tele photo with an F/2.0 aperture. Some rumors says that the “ iPhone 13 ” will feature a periscope camera for better zoom to complete with the “ Galaxy S 21 Ultra’s ” ridiculous zoom capabilities. And also “ iPhone 13 ” may feature a portrait made for video and an astrophotography mode for shooting the night sky.

iPhone 13pro max Camera

As for the “ iPhone 13 ” storage options, there has been speculation that “ Apple ” will double the top storage capacity. From last year’s 512 GB to 1 TB for the “ iPhone 13 ”. Another more recent leak said that at least the “ iPhone 13 pro max ” models will have a 1 TB storage option.

Apple iPhone 2025 Introducing

“ Apple’s ” mixes reality headset has been in the works for quite some time now and a couple of month ago it became apparent that the light weight “ VR Headset ”  will be coming in 2022 with the “ Apple ” glasses to follow soon after. On the flip side, the “ iPhone 13 ” is destined to arrive this fall, and like all time it is already to topic of interest in the tech circles. White “ iPhone 13 ” and the “ Apple VR ” headset cannot be launched in the same given time frame. Still it doesn’t deter imaginative designers from mustering up now the two products will look together.

Apple iPhone 13 VR

Here are five changes we most want to see in the “ iPhone 13 ”. They may not be practical for this generation but it’s what we had ask for a genie turned up.

  • “ Removal ” of the “ Notch ”, let’s not beat about the bush here. It needs to go.
  • “ Removal ” of the “ Camera Bump ”. Yes, everyone these days uses a case. But with the much touted improvements in drop protection and water resistance of recent generation.
  • 120Hz screen refresh. It’s past time.
  • Touch ID in the power button. So we can have face ID and Touch ID at the same time, without the cost implication of an under screen fingerprint scanner.
  • Long battery life. Battery life needs to be prioritized over look.

One of the best reason to snap up a new phone is because your current one is hopelessly outdated. If you own an “ iPhone 11 ” upgrading to an “ iPhone 12 ”. now probably isn’t worth it. You won’t see enough of a difference in performance come with “ iPhone 13 ”. However, if you can hang on until September your patience will have a chance of being rewarded.  “ iPhone ” development won’t stop in September 2021. And neither will rumors. Plenty of leakers and analysts have theories about the direction of “ Apple’s ” smartphones department in 2022.

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