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Head to New Orleans For a Fantastic Experience.

New Orleans City
New Orleans City

Do you need any wonderful vacation with a great travel?

So here is the place.‘ New Orleans ’, a city which situated in Louisiana State in USA. The city New Orleans was originally settled on the river’s natural levees or high ground.  In there every street crossing canal street between the Mississippi river and ‘ Rampart Street ’ which is the northern edge of the French Quarter. It has a different name for the ‘ Up town ’ and ‘ Down town ’ portions. The geographical view in New Orleans is eye catching. 

In United State of America ‘ New Orleans ’ is a popular city. When we look at the history of this city, the city was developed after its founding by French in 1718.  This city was the largest port in the south in 19th century. This was the most important and largest city in the south. The famous secret is ‘ New Orleans ’ attractive with its rich and unique cultural and architectural heritage. It’s remaining a major destination for live music, tourism, conventions and sporting events.

Everyone knows that the New Orleans is world famous for its abundance of architectural styles that reflect the city’s multicultural heritage. The housing styles include the ‘ Shotgun House ’ and the ‘ Bungalow ’ style.

Shotgun houses New Orleans
Bungalow New Orleans

With a Humid subtropical climate, New Orleans with short generally with short generally mild winters and hot humid summers. New Orleans experiences snowfall only on rare occasions. The city has many visitor attractions. The world renowned French Quarter to St. Charles Avenue to Magazine street with its boutiques stores and antique shops. 

The area is home to numerous annual celebrations. Most well-known thing in there is ‘ Carnivals ’. and also New Orleans ‘ Jazz and Heritage Festival ’ is the largest music festival among these cities. The New Orleans city is world famous for its cuisine. Their Indigenous Cuisine is distinctive and influential. Local ingredients, French, Spanish, Italian, African, Native American, Chinese and a hint of Cuban traditions combine to produce a truly unique and easily recognizable ‘ New Orleans ’ flavor.

New Orleans cuisine

If you hope to travel ‘New Orleans’, you should not miss these places.

  • Frenchmen Street
  • French Quarter
  • Garden District
  • The national WWII Museum
  • Cemetery Tours
  • The Cabildo
  • St. Louis Cathedral

Frenchmen Quarter in New Orleans is best to begin your tour here because this is the oldest neighborhood in the city. This is known as the City’s Historic Heart. This place is famous for vibrant nightlife and colorful buildings. Most visitors said that the neighborhood is lively, with lots to do.

French Quarter

French Street is a four block stretch of music, bars, restaurants, night clubs and art galleries. In French street you’ll encounter cheaper eats and drinks and better music. Most visitors said that a trip to New Orleans is not complete without stopping by Frenchmen Street.

Frenchmen Street New Orleans

The Cabildo was originally constructed in 1799 as the seat of the Spanish Government. This Spanish style building served as the city hall and the supreme court. In present The cabildo is home to a three- floor branch of the Louisiana Museum. If you are not admiring the many artifacts displayed here, then take a minute to marvel at the building architecture. 

The Cabildo Museum – New Orleans, Louisiana
The Cabildo Museum – New Orleans, Louisiana

And not only these places but also there are so many eye catching places that you can visit. The best thing in ‘ New Orleans ’ are nightlife and rolling good times are the main attractions. The most popular thing in New Orleans is ‘ Annual Mardi Gras Celebration ’.

Annual Mardi Gras Celebration
Annual Mardi Gras Celebration

Why we should travel to ‘New Orleans’ ?

This city is known for its European style architecture and you can taste at the mouthwatering Creole cuisine and all around good time vibes. Best foodie city, Best Historical city and Best Night life in USA is New Orleans.

Don’t forget…

Best time period to visit New Orleans is February to May when the weather is comfortably cool and celebrations are in full swing.

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